So, we made a decision last night. No, there was no ESPN special, but there was a TechTalk special!   We spoke last night and my wife decided that while she “doesn’t care” which one I get her.  What I took out of that conversation was “You better get me the newer one if you know whats good for you!”  No, I’m just kidding.  I’m sure there was nothing for me to read between the lines about.  It was more about her convincing me that it doesn’t matter what phone she gets and that she can learn a new phone OS just fine if I decided to go that route.

So I made the decision to go for the Motorola Droid 4 based on the hardware upgrades over Samsung Stratosphere.  The differences were just too glaring and I figured why go backwards in technology.  I’ll just end up in the same spot in a year from now, much like my own decision to go with the LG Spectrum over the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, which you can read all about here

I ordered the Droid 4 from today and I’ll write my own review of the D4 when it comes sometime next week, assuming she lets me play with it.  Stay tuned.

– Yak

The Decision – New 4G Phone for my Wife

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