While doing research for another post To PC or Not To PC, I came across this amazing product.  We’re all familiar with gaming systems like Playstation Move, Nintendo Wii and Xbox Kinect that track your movements using cameras to project light on a subject and determine the depth for distance, or sensors in the wand controllers for the Playstation and Wii.

Leap Motion, above a keyboard

But this product, Leap Motion, tracks the movements of your hands and fingers at a closer range, so you can draw, type, click or sling an Angry Bird without actually touching anything.  It would sit in front of your keyboard and allow you to do the same motions you normally would with a laptop, desktop or even a tablet, all while keeping your fingers clean.

It is a small device that creates an 8 cubic ft 3D space to interact, and even lets you use handheld items, like a pen.  You can swipe up and down websites or documents, pinch to zoom like on a tablet or other touchscreen device, or even sign on the dotted line in the air.  The possibilities are endless. It works with Windows and Mac.

The pricepoint of $70 is pretty good, and would be around the price of a good gaming mouse or wireless keyboard. They should start shipping in December 2012 or January 2013, a great holiday present. I think I’m putting this on my wish list for the Holiday Armadillo.

Check out the really cool introductory video of this revolutionary product on their homepage here: leapmotion.com

– Yak

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