Voice activated USB
Voice Activated USB Flash Drive

I know this won’t solve my need for a high capacity backup drive, but this next gen technology is pretty cool. I am constantly using USB flash drives. Whether it is for a quick file I need to save, or some pictures I need transferred between devices, I pull the microUSB out of my phone, and hope I have my adapters with me.

I’m sure this isn’t the first of its kind, but its the first one I’ve seen and it is at a pretty reasonable price for its feature set. It is a voice activated USB flash drive. Right now it comes as an 8GB drive, so it should be able to hold plenty of files and documents.

I’ve used flash drives secured with passwords before, but this concept seems to be quicker and more secure. I’m not going to go into the technical details of how it works, how it recognizes the frequencies of the owner’s voice, just thought I’d share something I thought was cool and useful.

UPDATE: I just found a post on Mashable that took a more pessimistic view on this device.

See below:

– Yak

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