OK, this I don’t really get. Yesterday I posted about securing your USB flash drive with new technology. Today, I found some new old technology that goes back to the days of Mesopotamia. This ancient technology is the apparently timeless wax seal.  A company called Herberg designed the “Top Secret USB” (great name by the way). It is a USB flash drive with a cover that uses hot wax to seal the cover to the base, to ensure that your data hasn’t been tampered with. Unfortunately, it doesn’t secure the contents in any way.

Top Secret USB

This is definitely not a recommendation to buy this device.  I don’t understand the concept.  Most people looking to secure a device are really looking to secure the CONTENTS of said device.  It is all nice and pretty to seal your flash drive with wax and a signet ring, for aesthetic purposes, but there is no real security here.  I can deal with the limitations of the size of the storage, currently only selling as 2GB, 4GB and 8GB drives, but why couldn’t I do the same thing with any other generic flash drive that comes with its own cover?  Maybe because this comes in different colors?  Or maybe because you can choose your own letter to put on the seal? Yeah, that must be it. 

I found this story originally on Gizmodo this morning, and couldn’t resist sharing my confusion after my post yesterday about real, functional security.  Hope I don’t lose readers because of this…

– Yak

Sealed with a …WHAT??

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