A little over 2 years ago, I found an article about the making of the Back to the Future II Hoverboard.I wrote a little bit about it, which you can read here: Great Scott!!. Since that time, the company known as HUVr has done it.  They’ve created a real life Hoverboard that works.  You can actually watch the video demonstration with real people trying it out, like Tony Hawk, Terrel Owens, just a few weeks ago.

They have indicated on their website, that their release to the general population will happen in just 10 months. That means this year, not the originally anticipated and indicated 2015.  I don’t believe this is being made by Mattel either. 

So, well done HUVr.  I can’t wait to try it out myself, maybe, one day.  I even like the parallax website design, but that’s the business side of me talking.

– Yak

The Future Has Arrived – HUVr

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