A little over 2 years ago, I found an article about the making of the Back to the Future II Hoverboard.I wrote a little bit about it, which you can read here: Great Scott!!. Since that time, the company known as HUVr has done it.  They’ve created a real life Hoverboard that works.  You can actually watch the video demonstration with real people trying it out, like Tony Hawk, Terrel Owens, just a few weeks ago.

They have indicated on their website, http://huvrtech.com/ that their release to the general population will happen in just 10 months. That means this year, not the originally anticipated and indicated 2015.  I don’t believe this is being made by Mattel either. 

So, well done HUVr.  I can’t wait to try it out myself, maybe, one day.  I even like the parallax website design, but that’s the business side of me talking.

– Yak

The Future Has Arrived – HUVr

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