Recently, I’ve been on a posting kick about devices that will keep your screen clean, or help you move away from typical input options, like keyboards and mice.  There are many out there, and I’m just scratching the surface. 

One device I came across allows you to integrate different methods of input with a multitude of platforms.  It gives you added functionality mostly with touchscreen devices and is called Ringbow. This accessory is a small ring to be used by your thumb in conjunction with your forefinger for touch, to let you scroll, click and even right-click. The Ringbow has a scrolling navigator with 9 control directions, and comes in 5 different colors. A lot of their product pitch is about the increased gaming capabilities and functionalites. It does give you the multi-touch option that most touch screen devices do not.

I’m not much of a gamer, and I’d use this more for its non-gaming functionality, but this all brings the mouse-type usability to touch screen devices running Android and iOS, as well as any bluetooth enabled device. This does seem like it would work best with a tablet, touch-screen computer, or gaming console. Most people, myself included, do not use two hands for a touch screen phone, so using the Ringbow with a smartphone doesn’t seem optimal.

They are currently on Kickstarter trying to raise $100,000 fund this project, with many different funding amount options available. If you back them with at least $45, you can be among the first to get a Ringbow on your finger. Also, nothing wrong with backing an Israeli company. They usually are among the leaders in technology innovations.

I saw this first on Mashable.

– Yak

Wrapped Around My Little Finger

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